Patrick Walby Cow House

Uderly irresistible spots before your eyes

Carol Olten staff writer

A houseful of Holsteins has invaded downtown.
The house, an aging bungalow at 124 Beech St., was recently leased as a kitchen cabinet showroom by Patrick Walby
Patrick Walby
Patrick Walby, owner of Diamond Kitchens. A long time fancier of Holsteins and collector of cow memorabilia, Pat Walby found it natural to paint the old house black and white like a Holstein.
"I grew up in Michigan and have always liked cows," Patrick Walby said. "It just seemed like it would be fun to have a whole house full of them."
The paint job was the work of San diego area artist Janet Wilson, who took six weeks and lots of black and white paint to get the project finished.
"I don't know if it's going to help the kitchen business," said Patrick Walby, "but so far it's been a real eye grabber. People stop in the middle of the street and wonder what's in here."
Patrick Walby has carried the Holstein image to business cards, T-shirts and signage. Coming up are cows on the Diamond Kitchen's truck. What next- a rooftop Holstein of the hoof?